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If you are heading into an interview for a SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) position, you should be well-prepared for any potential queries. In this post, we present a comprehensive collection of SAP SD interview questions and answers meant to help you ace it – whether it is your first time using SAP SD or you have more advanced expertise. These will provide useful information in this sector!

This blog is planned to meet the needs of students / professionals calls for SAP SD. Often to train you for important subjects, and to discuss such voluble ideas, which you may feel might be requested in an interview. A frenetic quest of this nature consumes a lot of time and resources.SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers that help explain fundamental doubts SAP SD.So let’s get started

SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers
sap sd interview questions

SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers

What three organizational elements form a sales area and describe its purpose briefly?

The Sales organization is the highest organizational unit that is responsible for distributing and selling products. narrates and takes responsibility for certain contracts and sales terms.

The distribution channel through which the consumer enters salable goods or services includes wholesale, retail, and direct sales. traditional channels for distribution. One or more sales departments may be given a distribution channel.

Division indicates abroad variety of product groups can be identified. For each division, for example, you can infer partial deliveries, rates and terms of payment for customer-specific agreements. we may conduct statistical analysis in a division or create separate marketing.

The sales area consists of the sales organization, distribution channel, and division.

Sales office” shall be used to describe the regional dimensions of the company for business growth and sales. The sales office can be used as a subsidiary. The sales offices are assigned to the sales areas. When we enter a sales order for a sales office within a particular region, the area has to be allocated to the sales office.

Sales Group employees of a sales department can be divided into classes. For instance, individual divisions may identify sales groups.

Salespersons Individual master records of employees are used for sales personal data management in sales. In the personnel master record, we can appoint a sales individual to a sales department.

How does the SAP system determine the shipping point and the route in the sales order?

Shipping point is calculated by three main factors: The shipping conditions from the customer master record (Shipping Tab). The loading group from the material master (Material Master Records-General/Plant), Delivering Plant in the sales order. The delivery plant proposed by the system is based on Customer material info record, Customer master & Material

Why would you carry out a shipping availability check?

Using expected inward and outward movements of goods, the availability check is determined. Therefore, due to unexpected factors, such as lost production, the distribution situation may have changed in the meantime. All such modifications are taken into account in the availability review of the delivery.

What consequences do goods issues have?

The business transaction is considered to be when the products have left the company’s premises. Completed from the shipping point of view. The following functions are used when goods are given.

This takes place inside the system:

The stock of materials is limited by the quantity of the goods and the corresponding value accounting, adjustments take place. This makes sure the flows of quantity and value are parallel.

  • Stock reduce
  • Material requirements are reduced for delivery
  • Update the delivery status
  • Billing duelist has been updated

How does SAP determine account determination?

Automatic account determination happen based on the Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Account Chart, Consumer and Material Account Assignment Party, and Account Keys

How pricing procedure determination in sales order

Sales organizations, distribution Chanel, division, Customer price procedures ( Customer master), and the document pricing  Procedure ( Document type ) shall decide the pricing procedure in sales order

What is the purpose of preserving common distribution channels?

Common Channel of Distribution is preserved if master. It prevents master records from being compounded. Eg: a client will be designed for sales area 1000/20/00 and can be used in sales by the same customer area 1000/30/00 if 20 as the normal distribution channel is retained. There is also no need to extend the

What does the term “business area” refer to and how can it be used?

Cost and sales are used in the business area. For the purpose of creating a single business strategy, a unit in an organization groups product and consumer combinations as homogeneously as possible.

 The business area can be equivalent to the:

  • Sales area (if the accounts are to be posted according to sales)
  • Plant/division (if the accounts are to be posted according to products)
  • The business area is defined in Customizing for Sales.

For Financial Accounting (FI), a business area is a financial accounting organization, representing an individual field of activity or obligations within an enterprise. An area of business is the allocation of financial accounting transactions.

What is the role of a technical consultant in the SD Module?

The ABAPer writes the Z-Development and program, Enhancements, Interface, Reports, Conversion, or any smart form and Workflow as defined by the functional consultants as per the business requirement, We are also seeking ABAPer support to debug any issue or using data transfer tools as BDC / LSMW.

Explain BADIs and their relevance in SAP.

In the R/3 system, SAP provides Enhancement spots that are used for managing explicit enhancement points call business add-ins (BADis). BADIs are business transaction events that help to group the application, menu, and screen changes into a single  business add-on

How do you define BADis in the system

BADI can pick from the following menu path:-

SAP Menu- >>Tools->>ABAP Workbench- >>Utilities ->>Business Add-Ins >> Intials screen for definition (SE18)

Tell me some High priority issues faced in SAP SD

We have come across one high-priority issue due to locks on table NRIV. The business user reported Poor performance during sales order creation, a system taking a long response time. Many processes are running in parallel and trying to access the NRIV table for number range assignments.

During an analysis of general system performance, we see locks on table NRIV are displayed in transaction VA01, By Clearing the lock entry issue has been resolved

Effects of billing in SAP SD

Once the billing document is created in SAP. The below effect will be an accounting document has been generated in the background, the stock will be updated in the system, the inventory account will be updated, the cost of goods sold account will be updated & document flow will be updated. The billing due list  will be updated

Real-time projects in SAP SD Scenarios

Scenarios: The billing document does not release accounting, leading to the determination issue because VKOA is not maintained for the required combination. We need to analyze the account determination log in the billing document by clicking environment- revenue account determination to resolve the issue.

Scenarios: The sales order schedule line does not confirm as a result user is not able to create a sales order. First, to resolve the issue, check whether the stock quantity is available in the plant/storage location. If stock is not available, the check needs to check the availability of the material.

SAP SD pricing issues

Pricing issues: End users cannot place the order or sales order not getting created as mandatory pricing conditions missing. The system results in an incompletion check not to allow for processing further.To resolve the issue, you need to check which mandatory condition type is missing; Once the condition type has been identified, you need to check whether any condition records are already maintained in any other combination, Compare the incomplete order.

Pricing issues: End users reported specific condition type values not appropriately calculated in sales orders.To analyze this case, You need to check to identify the associate calculation routine assigned with the pricing procedure. Once the routine has been identified, you need to replicate the same scenarios in the test environment to investigate further. You may require ABAP Technical guy’s help to debug

What are BTEs?

Business Transaction Events (BTEs) are system components that provide a predefined interface for Customer access. It allows two implementations to coexist peacefully.SAP does not define BTE logic; that logic is defined by the customer.

What is VOFM, and where can we use it?

VOFM is a translation code that is used to create routines for copying, data transfer, and pricing formulae.

How to add header text manually in SAP SD sales order?

Open sales order in change mode, the go-to header >>Texts below screen will be appearing, enter or add text manually in sales order & save it.

SAP Interview Questions & Answers
SAP Interview Questions & Answers

What is a bill of Material?

A bill of materials is a comprehensive, formal organized list of the elements that comprise an assembly or product. The list includes the object number for each component, as well as the amount and unit of measurement. The components are called BOM items. A bill of materials can only be used to refer to a certain amount that is at least one of an item.

What is a valuation class?

The allocation of material to a collection of accounts for G/L. In addition to other aspects, the valuation class decides the accounts of G/L be changed in the event of a relevant valuation (for instance, a product movement).

What are posting keys, and how do you utilize them when you post?

Keys for posting are set at the client level. A line item’s debit or credit status and potential field status are determined by posting keys. Understanding the elements that impact a transaction’s field state is crucial in this situation. Account Type, the field state of the Posting Key, and the field status of the G/L account all affect the field status within a FI document. It is not advised to alter the SAP supplied Posting keys. The best course of action when changing a posting key is to duplicate the key that needs to be changed before changing the duplicate. We might specify

Explain the Alternate condition base value and alternate calculation type.

Alternate Calculation type : This function allows you to use a formula to find the value of the condition type instead of the standard condition technique. This can be used to calculate complex tax structures.

Alternate condition base value: The alternative condition base value is a formula assigned to a condition type to promote an alternative base value for calculating a value.

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