Four Reasons Why People Love Fiori App.

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We’re going to understand the SAP Fiori App in this blog.SAP Fiori is an application collection that is the new experiences of SAP users. SAP Fiori apps are designed in a consistent way and use a common technical infrastructure. They offer a consistent end-to-end user experience and can be used throughout all type of device without adding extra effort.

SAP Fiori launchpad is the central entry point to all applications in Fiori, which users access to applications by tile. Organized by user role. The launchpad has navigation, customization, individual signup and search services. The boot pad and tiles are flexible and adaptable to suit your requirements. The SAP Fiori launchpad search can be used to conduct a cross-entities search through key SAP Business Suite applications. The search uses the embedded search technology of SAP NetWeaver on a SAP HANA database. New search models for core business objects are provided for SAP HANA.

All user interfaces are built using advanced technology such as HTML5 and mobile SAP UI5. You can access the latest back-end version of your data via OData services using Fiori applications. You can specify which applications and which data a user can access via previously defined roles and authorizations.

What is benefit of Fiori apps

Lets understands the benefits of Fiori apps

  • Role-based: Fiori Apps degrade complex applications into a task-based experience with each user having one central entry point.

Responsive: Fiori applications are adapted to every dimension, device, version and channel, providing common user experience across all channels.

Simple: Fiori apps follow the experience of 1-1-3 (1 user, 1 scenario, 3 screens). The right context and meaningful data integration are known and provided.

Coherent user experience with the same design language applications. This means consistency for joint activities and consistency for your brand.

SAP Fiori – Analytical Apps

Fiori app is well acquainted with its rich analytical. Analytical apps are increasingly being used to provide role-based real-time business operations data. Analytical apps integrate the power of SAP HANA with the business suite of SAP. It offers real-time information from a vast volume of data in the front-end web browser.

We will closely track Key Performance Indicators KPIs using the Fiori app. We can carry out complex aggregations and analyses of your business activities and respond quickly to changes in market conditions.

SAP Fiori Analytical applications run in the SAP HANA database and use Virtual Data Models.

There are two types of Analytical Apps −

  • SMART Business
  • Virtual Data Models

SMART Business

SAP Fiori Smart Business Apps are used to monitor your most important KPIs in real-time and to make changes immediately as per market conditions.

Note −There are about 84 Analytical Apps under this umbrella, of which 69 are Smart Business Apps and 15 are Analytical Apps.

fiori app
Smart Business App

Analytical apps can only run on the SAP HANA database, unlike transactional apps that can run on any database. SAP Fiori leverages the XS engine by using virtual data models and there are 2 components inside the XS engine 

  • HANA Live Apps content for respective business suite
  • SMART business content

SAP HANA Live offers excellent analytics capabilities for all enterprise suites by allowing industry-standard access to SAP data through data models.

Data models are used for analytical purposes using the views in the HANA database. Views are a virtual data model that can be reused by the customer and the partner.

Virtual Data Models

Virtual Data Models provide a way to process massive data quality in the HANA database. These views can be consumed by a rich UI client without the use of any additional software. There are three types of views − 

Private View − Private Views are SAP Views and can not be modified. 

Reuse views-Reuse views are the core of the SAP HANA model and are structurally exposed and intended to be reused by other views 

Query View − Query Views are top views in the hierarchy and are intended for direct use by Analytical Apps and can not be changed.

KPI Modeler

It is a tool used to model KPI and report tiles for the monitoring of business data using Fiori Launchpad.

We can define KPIs and reports to which you can apply different calculations and allow you to adjust to changing market conditions. 

We can configure drill-down views for more inside .

SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library

What is HTML5

HTML5 is an acronym for the hyper text markup language programming language

What is SAP UI5 Framework?

The SAP UI5 is a web application-compatible framework. Responsiveness is not about performance, but it is an application that can adapt itself to every device. It provides a consistent UX across all platforms (different devices/browsers). The framework is a library collection, classes include each library and methods for each class

What is Odata

Open Data Protocol (OData) is a web-based data access protocol based on core protocols such as HTTP and widely accepted methodologies such as REST. OData interface is an open standard that any application, programme can consume.

Now follow these tutorial links to learn more about 

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