Tips for Easily SAP Data Archiving

Archiving of data refers to the transfer of data that is not active to a different storage space to free up space on storage devices and increase the system’s efficiency. Archived data is stored for compliance, regulatory, or other reasons, but it isn’t used frequently and does not have to be kept on costly storage devices …

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SQVI: Simplifying SAP Query Creation

‚ÄčAre you looking to search Quick View (SQVI) for specific data directly from the SAP system with no programming at all and in the shortest amount of time? When you utilize SAP SQVI Query, you do not require any additional programs or servers. It is the QuickView tool is essential for functional consultants. Thus, you can get …

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What is the use of SAP shortcut keys in SAP?

SAP shortcut keys can be used instead of the icon button. This requires the user to drag their cursor to it, which is a tedious task for a keyboard user. A shortcut key is a combination or keys that users can use to access icon button functions in SAP without the need for a mouse. In …

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