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SAP Concur is designed to meet these demanding business settings and to evolve alongside them, providing organizations with improved efficiency and financial management through lower travel expenses and charges while reducing inefficiency and costs. As such, it is a critical solution that boosts productivity, cuts costs, and helps firms regain financial footing.

SAP Concur is a comprehensive solution that streamlines travel, expense, and invoice management for businesses. It automates receipt capture, policy checks, and reimbursement processes, allowing employees to submit expenses effortlessly. SAP Concur also streamlines travel management by managing bookings, approvals, and itineraries in one platform. It automates invoice processing, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy. The solution addresses challenges such as manual processes, policy compliance, and visibility and control. By automating repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and providing actionable insights, SAP Concur helps organizations streamline their processes, ensuring adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements. It also provides actionable insights for informed decision-making.

What is SAP Concur?

Sap Concur is a tool sap developers use to create reports and dashboards. It is used to automate the process of creating reports and dashboards.

SAP Concur is a web-based application that combines travel booking and cost reporting applications. SAP began replacing all of its on-premise (installable) modules with Cloud, and it began to acquire and upgrade a range of cloud technologies, such as cloud technologies, field-glass, and Ariba, and replace old and on-premises applications. SAP Concur has been one of the largest and most expensive acquisitions that has taken place so far in this cloud journey.

Concur is just a technology called “Travel & Expenditures” from the cloud world. SAP Concur Training is distinct from any other traditional training and certification methods. It has many activities that are very distinct from all traditional consultants that have qualified in SAP HCM, SAP FICO, or SAP SD whatever.

SAP Concur-Travel & Expenditures
Business travel and expense management

SAP Concur reporting includes on-demand travel & expenditures hosted reporting and analysis. This application is easily integrated with the existing SAP solution. Organizations can control travel & expenditure based on the tools for reporting & analysis. Actionable cost control reports and more effective management of employee expenses

There are two monitoring systems to be provided with SAP Concur

  • Analysis-base offering included with the SAP Concur solution
  • Business Intelligence-premium offer, eligible for additional fees.

Why Choose SAP Concur?

SAP Concur is a software solution that simplifies expense reporting by automatically capturing receipts and ensuring compliance with company policies. Its mobile app allows users to submit expenses on the go, enhancing user experience and expediting the reimbursement process. The system’s seamless implementation includes pre-implementation steps such as assessment, configuration, data migration, training, and change management. Companies across industries have embraced SAP Concur, with XYZ Corporation reducing expense processing time by 40% and ABC Enterprises achieving 20% cost savings. SAP Concur offers ongoing support through user communities, help centers, and customer success teams. Users can exchange best practices, share insights, and collaborate with other organizations facing similar challenges. The system also provides comprehensive help centers with FAQs, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides. SAP Concur is not just a software, but a strategic solution that empowers businesses to manage expenses effectively and improve overall business performance.

SAP Concur Key features

  • Enable seamless access, review, and analysis by the business intelligence
  • Single sign (SSO) from Concur Travel & expenses, Credentials are authenticated and users are granted ample access and data rights.
  • Integrates a security model that leverages hierarchical reporting capabilities for concurrent travel & cost
  • Integrated data model mapping the concurrent data warehouse required for review of the underlying data
  • Drag and Drop User Interface

What is Concur Modules

Concur contains four modules that can be used to conduct various tasks within the application system.

  • Concur requests can be used for the notification of international travel to the relevant third parties application.
  • Concur Travel can be used to book airfares, train fares, rental cars and hotels through the travel management company of the University (TMC).
  • Concur Expenses must be used by UA employees to reconcile P-Card charges for employees reimbursement.
  • Concur Invoice must be used to request Payment Re-Quests to repay non-UA individuals and to process payments to vendors.

What are the various user roles available in the SAP Concur application

There are three types of reporting access available to as many users as is required, it can delegate a specific function to each user needing analytics access. The assignment role defines the data and functionality accessible to users.

  • Consumer-has access to viewer report reports provided by a skilled author or business author, customers are typically auditors or analysts who do not need to generate new reports.
  • Company Author – has access to these features in analysis, such as Query Studio / Cognos Relatio.
  • Skilled author access to these features in business intelligence, such as reports studio-only accessible with business intelligence), question studio / Cognos link.

What are the tools available for concurrent reporting?

The below tools are available for concur reporting

  • With Cognos connection-scheduled delivery of query results via e-mail, we can define the format and language preferences in different formats.
  • Query Studio-build ad query by dragging and dropping data fields, adding various philters, and building prompts to show reports in list, crosstab, and chart formats.
  • Studio reports -only available with business intelligence — here, you can create multiple questions, map, and visual dashboard to extract complex reports and embed the cascade question for further drill down.

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SAP Concur is a must-have travel and expense technology solution that provides users with an intuitive user experience, extensive capabilities, and seamless connectivity, allowing businesses to optimize financial processes while also assuring compliance standards. It also gives information to help you make informed judgments.

SAP Concur is a powerful tool that not only streamlines travel, expense, and invoice management processes but also brings significant cost savings. It automates receipt capture, ensures policy compliance, and centralizes travel management. Invoice automation reduces manual effort and enhances accuracy, leading to cost reductions. The software offers seamless implementation, with pre-implementation steps, training, and change management. Real-world success stories validate its impact on cost savings. SAP Concur provides ongoing support through user communities, help centres, and customer success teams. It’s a strategic partner in optimizing financial processes, delivering value to your organization

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