Different Roles of an SAP Consultant

An SAP consultant is responsible for analyzing, designing, and configuring new computer software and systems to their clients’ or employers’ specifications. They create programs, interfaces, and forms, check new interfaces to ensure system workflows are optimized and work well with end-users; make modifications as requested, and get feedback. They have complex tasks; thus, an SAP …

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Understanding SAP System Landscape Architecture

The SAP system landscape plays a crucial role in the efficient functioning of businesses, offering a structured approach to software development and deployment. This configuration typically comprises Development (DEV), Quality Assurance (QAS), Pre-Production (PRE-PROD), and Production (PROD) servers. Known as OTAP, this system aims to seamlessly implement software developed in ABAP across different stages without …

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Product Costing in SAP: Understanding the Process

Using product costing in SAP is an important tool for planning budgets for expenses and setting prices for goods. Part of this math is figuring out how much each product unit costs in terms of both the cost of goods sold and the cost of goods made. In SAP, there are two main types of …

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