SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is used to handle warehousing stock effectively and facilitate the flow of goods. It helps the organisation to track the entry and export processes of the warehouse and the flow of goods. In several industries, the SAP EWM solution is expected to be used in future. Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) … Read more

SAP Material Management(MM)

sap material management

Today we’ll discuss on SAP MM, which Materials Management (MM) plays a central role in procurement. This will help you understand how the SAP Purchasing component  integrates into the SAP Landscape  As you must be aware that SAP ERP system is divided into various functionality which called modules or components. Each functional area of a … Read more

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

We’ll discuss in detail about SAP SD module in this Blog.. Sales and Distribution (SD) is one of the most important application areas in the SAP Application . SAP Sales and Distribution(SD) covers the entire chain of processes (order-to-cash) from customer inquiry, Sales order to the delivery of product to customer customer destination of choice … Read more

SAP R/3 Architecture

SAP R/3 Architecture SAP R/3 Architecture facilitates all business transactions of an organisation and connects them together using real-time integration. Real-time integration ensures that any change or upgrade in one application causes the data to be modified or updated automatically in the other applications involved. We know that SAP R/3 Architecture, particularly the client-server software. … Read more

SAP Concur

sap concur

What is SAP Concur SAP Concur is a web-based application that combines travel booking and cost reporting application. SAP began replacing all of its on-premise (installable) modules with Cloud, and SAP began to acquire and upgrade a range of cloud technologies, such as cloud technologies , fieldglass,ariba and replace Old & On-Premises application. SAP Concur … Read more

What is SAP Activate

SAP Activate is a four-to-six-step technique designed to help organizations transition to S/4HANA and direct them from preparing to going live. Trigger focuses at its core on three main pillars: Guided configuration, best practises and methodology. The driven configuration is a series of tools that help with the initial implementation of SAP best practises. The … Read more

Variant Configuration

Introduction Welcome to the Saptutorials, Today we will take close look at Variant Configuration.its a tool that simplifies the complex manufacturing process when the manufacturer is having a various specification of same product products .E,g, Car. Car price started with standard equipment, Now if want to buy any specific feature that will cost higher than … Read more

What is SAP

sap full form

SAP is one of the world largest software producers of ERP. SAP full form is Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. The name is the acronym from the original German name of the SAP “Systemanalyse Programmentwicklung”, which translates into System Analysis Program Development. The legal corporate name of the organization today is SAP SE … Read more


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