SAP Hybris: Revolutionizing Customer Experience

This blog’s goal is to examine SAP Hybris in-depth. We’ll delve into its key components, discuss implementation best practices, and highlight real-world use cases all geared toward equipping marketers, sales professionals, IT leaders or anyone interested in harnessing this powerful system effectively. In this blog, We will understand Hybris Marketing. it is an application based on HANA which provides central access to all customer-related information.

What Is SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris provides a comprehensive suite of customer engagement and commerce solutions.

it is a HANA-based program that provides central access to all customer-related information. it can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud-based solution.It allows the organization to run marketing functions and provides a variety of dashboards and analytics to understand and improve customer interactions.

SAP CRM, SAP C4C & SAP CEC provide marketing functions like Segmentation, the creation of target groups, and campaign management and can be easily integrated with the data warehouse and analytic applications. The solutions can be integrated with social media channels, but the current business scenario has been transformed completely.

Customers are connected to social media, and it influences their choices strongly. Also, organizations need real-time analytics nowadays to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The need to reach out to customers and have the right way to target them is a must in today’s business requirements. Organizations might have different applications for different functions and need Hybris Marketing that provides a consolidated view with strong analytical capabilities

it provides different functionalities which allow the user to perform the below activities:

  • Visually analyze customer behavior patterns.
  • Access high-performance customer segmentation
  • Reduce the time and effort needed to consolidate customer data
  • Gain a deep understanding of customers
  • Provide customer profiles from all interactions and sources to track
  • context, interests, and predictions for a real-time 360° customer view.
Hybris Marketing
Digital Marketing process

The significance of Hybris:

SAP Hybris offers businesses an easy, seamless customer engagement solution across channels, from web and mobile sites, in-store retail locations and call centers. By unifying marketing, sales, service and commerce functions, we can create an holistic approach to customer engagement. Customers expect seamless interactions across online and offline interactions; SAP Hybris allows organizations to deliver this seamless experience for customers.

Understanding SAP Hybris Marketing

The following functionality is provided in Hybris Marketing:

Customer Data Management:

it has different work sets that support all customer-related data and activities. It also provides insight into the data relating to sales from various systems.Hybris Marketing provides Up-to-date insight into revenue, margin, lifetime value, churn rate, engagement, and customer satisfaction. It also provides the ability to rate customers on different criteria and enables the company to focus on the right areas. Transactions such as leads, events, and prospects in the CRM system are integrated and viewed on a single screen.

Audience Discovery and Targeting

Hybris Marketing revolves around the marketing functionalities provided by the SAP CRM and enhancing it further to the next has very strong segmentation capabilities that allow filtering from SAP CRM as well as ECC and even social channels. Users can display segmentation models in geographic maps that provide a clear view of the distribution of customers across the globe. It gives users the ability to analyze data and create segments, create target groups, display account details, and export target group members.

It enables the users to analyze data and create segments, create target groups, display account details, and export target group members.

Campaign Management

Hybrid marketing allows the creation of marketing campaigns by email or SMS that are based o predefined templates. The campaigns can be posted, and campaigns can be sent out to a pre-selected contact list (target groups). The calendar view is also available, that allows gaining an overview of current campaigns with regards to time. It also helps the marketing manager to get an overview of emails sent to KPIs, clicks, open emails, etc.

Marketing Planning

Hybris Marketing can be used to prepare budgets, initiatives, and expenses. Marketing managers can evaluate marketing investments in the Marketing Effectiveness program.

Predictive Intelligence

The Predictive Models worksheet allows users to create, train, and maintain predictive models for use as predictive keys.SAP Product Recommendation Intelligence allows the creation of recommendation models that provide consumers with relevant product recommendations in real time

Sap hybris marketing architecture

Hybris Marketing can be deployed in different ways. Below are three options that are widely used in the industry

  • Hybris Marketing is centrally integrated with multiple business applications (e.g. SAP ERP, SAP CRM, NON-SAP). Hybris Marketing is deployed in the cloud or on-premise on a separate system. All required business data is replicated to SAP HANA for Hybris Marketing.
  • Hybris Marketing is integrated with multiple business applications (e.g., SAP ERP, SAP CRM, NON-SAP).  Hybris Marketing is co-deployed with other applications, like SAP ERP on the same SAP HANA system
  • Hybris Marketing co-deployed with SAP HANA system of SAP CRM, which is not recommended
Hybris Marketing deployed Option
Hybris Marketing deployed Option

Integration Options for SAP Hybris (Commerce Cloud)

  • Its Cloud Platform Integration (CPI): CPI is SAP’s recommended integration platform for connecting SAP Hybris to external systems, featuring out-of-the-box integration points as well as real time and batch services. CPI acts as an intermediary between SAP Hybris and other systems ensuring data synchronization.
  • Customization and Configuration: While CPI provides standard integration points, most organizations will require some level of customization in their configuration process. Tailor CPI to your business processes and requirements by considering factors like data mapping, transformation and error handling.
  • Data replication across systems: Under both batch and real-time scenarios, data must be replicated across three systems – SAP Hybris, SCPI, and the target system (such as SAP S/4HANA). B2C scenarios often handle this step smoothly; however, B2B situations with complex business rules can present unique challenges.
  • Security and Compliance: Implement secure measures during integration to protect customer data. Furthermore, comply with data privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR).


SAP Hybris is a creative and versatile e-commerce and customer interaction solution, and we covered some of the key features and benefits that make SAP Hybris such a game changer in today’s digital age throughout this blog article. With SAP Hybris, you will get marketing automation software that is flexible, powerful, and makes the complex simple.SAP Hybris Marketing is designed to help you boost your business by optimizing your marketing spend.

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