SAP Material Management Tables

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Now’s this  tutorials Insure SAP MM tables most used in Material Management.  List of essential and regular tables used in Material Management(MM).  This is Just a ready reference may be used to compose FS or to analyses the information. lets get started.

sap material management tables
sap mm tables

Material Master Tables

  • MARA – General data.
  • MARC- Material Master Plant
  • MAKT – Material description.
  • MARC – Plant Data.
  • MBEW – Material master accounting data.
  • MARD – Storage location data in Material master.
  • MARM – UOM measure for material master
  • MLAN-Tax Classification for Material
  • MAST-Material to BOM Link
  • MLGN – Valuation Data table
  • MCHB -Storage location data

Vendor Master Tables

  • LFA1-Vendor Master ( General data)
  • LFB1-Vendor Mater (Company code data)
  • EKES -Vendor Confirmations table
  • EKAN Vendor Address: Purchasing Document

Purchasing Info Records Tables

  • KONP – Condition Item.
  • KONH – Conditions Header.
  • EINA-Purchasing info records general data
  • EINE- Purchasing info records , Purchased Organization data
  • A017-Materail info records ,Plant specific data
  • A501-Plant/ Material
  • EKBZ -Delivery Costs history per Purchasing document

Purchased Requisition Tables

  • EBAN-Purchase Requisition table
  • EBKN-Purchased Requisition account assignment

Purchased Order Tables

  • EKKO – Purchase Document Header
  • EKPO- Purchase Document item
  • EKKN-Account assignment for Purchasing document
  • EKET- Delivery schedule /Schedule line
  • EKAB-Release Document
  • EORD – Purchase Source List

Purchasing Statistic Tables

  • S011- Purchase Group Statistics
  • SO12- Purchasing statistic
  • SO31-Movement of Current stock
  • SO13-Statistic for Vendor Evaluation

Good Receipts Tables

  • MKPF-Material Document header
  • RKPF-Reservation Document header
  • MSEG-Material Document segment
  • EKBE- Purchase Document history
  • MVER-Material consumption details
  • IKPF-Physical Inventory Document header
  • ISEG- Physical Inventory Document item

SAP Scripts Table for layout

  • STXD- SAP Scripts test file header
  • STXD- SAP Scripts Text file lines

Other Important Tables

  • T161T-Text for Purchasing document type
  • T023-Materail Groups
  • T024-Purchaseing Groups
  • T156-Movement Type
  • T157H-Help text for Movement Type

Number Range Tables

  • NRIV-Number ranger interval

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