Get all the SAP SD Transaction Code in one place

SAP SD module is most important module of SAP ERP. This module mainly deals with the aspects of sales, purchasing and distribution. For this module SAP has created a large number of transaction codes and other functionalities. These transaction codes are used in the day to day operations. Actually it is very difficult to remember each and every transaction code. In this blog we will try to list most important and useful transaction codes used in SAP SD.

In this article, We have listed the most frequently used SAP SD transaction code list in sap

The transaction code is the shorts path to reach a specific screen in the system. Instead of Going through the routine menu, We can enter the transaction code or code and then press entre which would directly take you to the specific transaction

sap sd transaction code list
sap sd transaction code list

SAP SD Transaction code list :

Manin Manu to Sales & Distribuation Module

MM00Access to Material Master Screen
VS00Access to Master Data Screen
VC00Access to Sales Support Screen
VA00Access to Sales Screen
VL00Access to shipping Screen
VT00Access to transportation Screen
VF00Access to Billing / Invoicing Screen
Tcode for Manin Manu

sap sd transaction code list for Customer Master Rcords

VD01For sales, create a Customer Master.
VD02Change Customer Master for Sales
VD03Display Customer Master for Sales
VD04Change Customer Account Group for Sales
VD06Sets the Flags for Customer Deletion
VD07Ref. Doc. det. for ref. customer
VD51Maintain Customer-Material Info
VD52Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w/Select.Screen
VD53Display Customer-Material Info
VD54Show Customer-Material Information
VD59List customer-material-information
XD01Create Customer Master Records Centrally
XD02Update / Change Customer Master records centrally
XD03Display Customer Master Records Centrally
XD04Changes to the Customer Master at a central level.
XD05Customer Block (centrally)
XD06Mark customer Master records for deletion Centrally
XD07Change Customer Master Account Grouping
XD99Customer master records mass maintenance
Customer Master Tcode

sap sd transaction code list for configuration in SAP SD

VOV8Define Sales Document type for sales
XDN1Maintain Customer number Range
OVAZAssign a Sales area to Sales Document types 
OVAUConfigure Sales order Reasons for sales order
VOV4Assign item Categories for Sales Document
VOV6Configure schedule line categories for Sales & Distribution
OVALAssign blocks to sales document type 
OVLKDefine Delivery type for the Delivery document
OVKPDetermines Pricing procedure
CO09Overview of Material Availablity
V/03Create Condition Table for Sales Pricing
V/04Change Condition Table for Sales Pricing
V/05Display Condition Table for Sales Pricing
V/06Conditions Categories for Sales & Distr
V/07Maintain Access sequence for Sales Pricing
V/08Pricing Procedure for Sales & Distribution
V/09Condition Types for Account Determination in Sales & Distribution
V/10Account Determination access Sequence in Sales & Distribution
V/11Conditions: Account Determine. Proceed.
V/12 Create a Table for Account Determination
V/13Change a Table for Account Determination
sap sd transaction codes

sap sd transaction code list for Inbound / Outbound Delivery processing in SAP SD

VL01Create Delivery document
VL01NMake an Outbound Delivery with an Order Reference.
VL01NOWithout utilizing an Order Reference, create an Outbound Delivery.
VL02Modify the Outbound Delivery Document
VL02NModify/ Change the Outbound Delivery Document -Enjoy transaction
VL03/Show the Outbound Delivery Document
VL03NDisplay/Show Outbound Delivery Document – Enjoy transaction
VL04Process Execution Delivery Due List document
VL06Cockpit of Delivery Monitor
VL06COutbound Delivery listed for confirmation.
VL06DDistribution Outbound Deliveries
VL06FOutbound delivery – General delivery list
VL06GOutbound Delivery List for Goods Issue
VL06IDocument Monitoring for Inbound Delivery
VL06ICConfirmation of putaway inbound Delivery
VL06IDDeliveries inbound for distribution
VL06IFDocument for inbound deliveries selection
VL06IGGoods receiving for Inbound deliveries
VL06IPPutaway of inbound deliveries
VL06LDeliveries to be loaded on the way out
VL06OMonitor outbound deliveries
VL06PPicking List of Outbound Deliveries
VL06TTransportation Planning for Outbound Deliveries
VL06UOutbound Deliveries That Haven’t Been Checked
VL08Picking Request Confirmation
VL09Goods Issue Cancelled for Delivery Note
VL10Edit the Delivery List for a Specific User
VL10ASales Orders That Need to Be Delivered
VL10BPurchase Orders That Need to Be Delivered
VL12Delivery creation in the background
VL21Create Post goods issue document in the background mode
VL21APosting Goods receipt to a batch.
VL22Display Delivery Change Documents list
VL22NList of Delivery Change Documents is displayed.
VL23Goods Issue processing in Background mode
VL23N Goods Issue processing in Background mode –
VL31Create Inbound Delivery
VL31NCreate an inbound delivery in the system
VL31WCreate Inbound Delivery Notification (WEB)
VL32Change Inbound Delivery
VL32NInbound Delivery Can Be Modified
VL32WChange Inbound Delivery Notification (WEB)
VL33Show Inbound Delivery document
VL33NShow Inbound Delivery document
VL34Worklist Inbound Deliveries
sap outbound / inbound delivery tcode

sap sd transaction code list for Rebate / Sales Promotion processing in SAP SD

VB(1Rebate number ranges
VB(2Maintenance of Rebate Agreement Type
VBO1Create Rebate Agreement
VBO2Update / Change Rebate Agreement
VBO3Show Rebate Agreement
VBOEAgreements on currency conversion rebates
VBOFRebate: Update Billing Documents
VB(3Overview of Condition Type Groups
VB(4Condition Type Groups and Condition Types
VB(5Assignment Condition to Condition Type groups
VB(6Maintenance of the Rebate Group
VB(7Settlement of a Rebate Agreement
VB(8List all of the rebate agreements.
VB(9Sales Deal Maintainance
VB(AMaintenance of Promotion Type
VB(BMaintenance of Copying Control
VB(CMaintain Copying Control for document
VB(DSettlement of a Rebate Agreement
VB01Make a Material Exclusion/Listing
VB02Material Exclusion/Listing Change
VB03Show Material Listing/Exclusion
VB04Exclusion/Listing of Reference Materials
VB11Create Substitute for Materials
VB12Change Substitute for Materials
VB13Display Substitute for Materials
VB14Reference Material Substitution
VB21Create Sales Deal
VB22Change Sales Deal
VB23Display Sales Promotion
VB25List of Sales Deals
VB31Create Promotion
VB32Change Promotion
VB33Display Promotion
VB35Promotions List
VB41Create cross-selling
VB42Change cross-selling
VB43Display cross-selling
VB44Copy cross-selling
tcodes in sap sd

sap sd transaction code list for related to Billing/ Invoicing in SAP SD

VBG1Material Grouping Creation
VBG2Material Grouping Changing
VBG3Material Grouping Display
VBK0Bonus Buy Selection
VBK1Create Bonus Buy
VBK2Change Bonus Buy
VBK3Display Bonus Buy
VBK6Delete Bonus Buy
VBKABonus Buy Access Sequence creation
VBKBCreate Condition Table for Bonus Buy
VBKCDisplay Condition Table for Bonus Buy
VBKDCondition Types for Bonus Buy
VBKECalculation Schema for Bonus Buy:
VBKFSchema Determination for Bonus Buy:
VBKGField Catalog for Bonus Buy:
VBN1Free Goods Determination Creation
VBN2Update /Change Free goods Determination
VBN3Show Free goods Determination
sap sd tcodes

Transaction Code related to Billing / Invoiceing

VF01Create New Billing/Invoice Document
VF02Update /Change Existing Billing Document
VF03Show Exiting Billing Document
VF04Maintain Billing Due List
VF05NList of Billing Documents
VF06Batch billing
VF07Display bill. document from archive
VF08Billing for ext. delivery
VF11Cancel Billing Document
VF21Create Invoice List
VF22Change invoice list
VF23Display Invoice List
VF24Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VF25List of Invoice Lists
VF26Cancellation invoice list
VF27Display invoice list from the archive
VF31Output from Billing Documents
VF42Update Sales Documents
sap t code

sap sd transaction code list for to Sales Document / Delivery Document Block

VKM1Blocked SD Documents
VKM2Released SD Documents
VKM3Sales Documents
VKM4Blocked SD Documents due to Credit 
VKM5Display list of All Deliveries 
Tcode for Block sales Document

sap sd transaction code list for Customer / Vendor by Line

FBL1NVendor Line Items
FBL5NDisplay customer invoices by line
FBL1NDisplay Vendor invoices by line 
FBL3NG/L Account Line Items
FBL6NCustomer Line Items
tcode for Customer/vendor by line

sap sd transaction code list for Incomplete Sales Document

V.01Sales Order Error Log
V.02List of Incomplete Sales Orders
V.03List of Incomplete Inquiries
V.04List of Incomplete Quotations
V.05List of Incomplete Sched.Agreements
V.06List of Incomplete Contracts
V.07Periodic billing
V.14Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery
V.15Display Backorders
V.20Display Collective Delivery Process.
V.23Release Orders for Billing
tcode for incomplete sales Document

How to find tcode in sap

The table TSTCT stores transaction codes and their Long text, If you wish to see a multiple transactions code, type it in the “MM” column; otherwise, leave it blank to show all transactions. The system will show all relevant code listed with MM

image 1

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