SAP SD Tables

Today’s tutorials cover SAP SD Tables used in distribution and sales. List of essential and regular tables used in SAP sales and distribution module ( SD ). This is Just a ready reference that can be used to write FS or to analyze the data. SAP reserve some naming convention for all table, E,g all sales table start with V, Most database-related tables start with D or T, The initial characters “Y” and “Z” are reserved for customers

SAP SD Tables
SAP SD Tables

SAP SD Tables for SAP Sales & Distribution Module

Customer Master Table

  • KNA1 General Data Customers
  • KNB1 Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct)
  • KNB4 Customer Payment History
  • KNB5 Customer Master – Dunning info                                                                                
  • KNBK Customer Master Bank Data
  • KNVI – Tax classification
  • ADRC – Address data
  • ADR6 – Email ID

Material Master table

  • MARA – General data
  • MAKT – Material description
  • MARC – Plant Data
  • MVKE – Sales data for material master
  • MBEW – Material master accounting data
  • MARD – Storage location data in Material master
  • MARM – Used for Unit of measure for material master

 Sales Document Table

  • VBAK – Sales docment header data.
  • VBAP – Sales document Item data.
  • VBEP – Scheduling data.
  • VBKD – Business data.
  • VBPA – Sales document Partner Function.
  • VBUK – Sales document header STATUS.
  • VBUP – Sales Document item Status.
  • VBFA – Document flow.

 Delivery Document Table

  • LIKP – Delivery document header data.
  • LIPS – Delivery document item data.
  • VBUK – Delivery document header status.
  • VBUP – Delivery document item status.
  • VBBE – Sales requirement indivisual records.

Billing Document Table

  • VBRK – Billing document header data.
  • VBRP – Billing document item data.
  • VBUK – Billing document header status.
  • VBUP – Billing document item status.

Output Determination table

Pricing Table

  • KONV – Pricing table.
  • KONP – Condition Item.
  • KONH – Conditions Header.
  • A+Condition Table -Condition records ,E,g A352

Credit Management

Rebate Management

SD Shipping Unit 

  • VEKP   Shipping Unit Item (Content)
  • VEPO   Shipping Unit Header

SAP SD help Documentation from SAP

The basis of the Sales and Distribution modules is SAP SD Tables. They provide a methodical way to arrange crucial data about the course of sales, client interactions, and order fulfillment. We looked at their significance while looking at the data they can give us. In this blog article, we will examine both its content and its relevance.Happy Learning ..!!

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