How to create a reason for rejection in sap in 5 minutes

In this blog, we will look at how to configure the Reason for Rejection in SAP SD. In SAP, the Reason for Rejection is an indicator that keeps us informed of rejected items with their reasons. SAP is the leading solution for business application software. It is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for managing business operations. Therefore, SAP is used by businesses to manage business transactions in real-time. However, ERP systems are not perfect and may require updating from time to time. In such situations, the users may be required to provide reasons for the rejection of their requests. This blog provides reasons for rejection in SAP.

Introduction of Reason for Rejection in sap

In business scenarios, the organization or end-users do not want to proceed with the process because the item is too expensive, the delivery date is too late, there is a credit problem, etc. In such scenarios, rejection needs to be maintained, and this will display in the drop-down list of reasons for rejection during processing. Depending on how each rejection reason is configured, the system will behave differently. Today we will take a closer look at the configuration parts of it.

Configuration of Reason for Rejection in SAP.

This configuration specifies the reasons for rejection. These can be used in sales documents to indicate possible rejection reasons. These factors also influence what happens to goods when they are rejected.

Firstly, We need to open SPRO Configuration & follow the below path

IMG → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Sales Documents → Sales Document Item → Define Reasons or reasons for rejection transaction Code – OVAG

Reason for Rejection in SAP
Reason for Rejection in SAP

Click the new entry to create a new rejection code. Go to new entries, and define your own with Z as a prefix. A two-digit code indicating the reason for the rejection E,g We have created 01 –Delivery date too late.

There were three check box will control the overall reasons for rejection in your sales order.

  • NRP: Whether is this relevant for Printing
  • BIC: Whether billing relevance
  • Stat: Statistical value

What is sap reason for the rejection of statistical value

Indicates whether the system considers the value of an item when calculating the total value of a document. Stat. (Statistical Values) Column is located here. In contrast to the reason stated in the Sales Order, Blank should not be maintained and either X or Y should be maintained.

Configuration of Reason for Rejection in SAP.
Configuration of Reason for Rejection
  • X – No cumulation – Values cannot be used statistically (the value will not be added to the total Sales Order Value, but it can be used in LIS / SIS).
  • Y – No cumulation – Values may be used statistically (the value will not be added.

This ensures that the Rejected Item’s value is not added to the total value of the Sales Order.

Procedure reason for rejection update in Sales order

We have the option of rejecting the entire sales document or individual items. Reasons for rejection are now available for use in sales documents once changes are available.We can enter a rejection reason for one or more items. The only requirement is that we be in the change mode for a sales document.

Reject everything:

  • Select Reject document in the change mode for the sales document if you want to reject all of the items.The system selects all of the items automatically, and you can enter a reason for rejection in the following dialogue box.
  • Enter the appropriate rejection reason and select Copy.The system rejects all of the selected items for the same reason. Individual items should be rejected:

Reject Item :

  • If you only want to reject a few items, select them in the item overview screen and click Edit. A quick change of… The reason for rejection As 01-Delivery date too late .A dialogue box appears in which you can specify the reason for rejection.
  • Enter the appropriate rejection reason and select Copy.The system gives the same reason for rejection to all of the selected item

Reject individual items with different reasons for rejection: When changing the sales document, select the Reason for rejection tab page from the overview screen to enter different reasons for rejection for the items. In the Reason for rejection field, you can enter a different reason for rejection for each item.

Sap rejection for reason table is VBAP, field ABGRU

Enhancement of Rejection Reason.

When a specific Sales Order type is created, the business wants it to be blocked for further processing and a Reason for Rejection must be specified. With a little SPRO configuration, We can automatically set Delivery / Billing Blocks to the Sales Document Type by using below configuration.

reason for rejection in sales order sap
reason for rejection in shipping

This ensures that the Delivery / Billing Block is assigned to the Sales Order as soon as it is created, and that it can only be removed by authorised Users. Until the block is removed, the following transaction will be denied.

Alternately, We select Custom Development with ABAPer or technical consultant to include a code to check the Sales Document Type and write the reason for rejection in the User Exit – USEREXIT FIELD MODIFICATION field.

We hope you found this articles useful in learning Reason for Rejection . Here are a few links to articles you should read.

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