SAP R/3 Architecture – What Does that Mean?

Definition of SAP R/3 Architecture R3 means real-time. SAP R/3 software facilitates and connects all transactions of an organization with real-time integration.example any change or upgrade in one application requires the data in the other applications concerned to be automatically modified or updated. SAP R/3 Architecture SAP R/3 Architecture facilitates all business transactions of an …

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How SAP Concur Improves on the Traditional Travel & Expenditures Process

sap concur

What is SAP Concur sap concur is a tool used by sap developers to create reports and dashboards. It is used to automate the process of creating reports and dashboards. SAP Concur is a web-based application that combines travel booking and cost reporting applications. SAP began replacing all of its on-premise (installable) modules with Cloud, …

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What is the purpose of the sap activate methodology in 2022?

The SAP Activate methodology consists of five phases, each offering business and IT working teams different sets of activities, tools, templates and accelerators. Each phase is a milestone to monitor the project’s status and capability to meet the go-live date.In this article , we will going to cover sap activate methodology phases What is SAP …

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Why SDLC Had Been So Popular Till Now?

software development life cycle models

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process of software development. It includes stages like requirements gathering, design, development, testing and maintenance. .The software development life cycle is a process of software development that includes stages like requirements gathering, design, and development, testing and maintenance. What is SDLC  SDLC is a process for developing information …

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to SAP S4HANA


The focus of this blog will be to understand the overview of SAP S4HANA—what is S/4HANA, what is so interesting in S/4HANA that customers are investing, what benefits it make provision for, and how SAP plans to make it different from its own ERP? Let’s begin deep diving to understand the concept. What is S4HANA …

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How can SAP Hybris Marketing help your business?

Hybris Marketing

In this blog, We will understand Hybris Marketing. it is an application based on HANA which provides central access to all customer-related information. it is a HANA-based program that provides central access to all customer-related information. it can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud-based solution.It allows the organization to run marketing functions and provides …

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What is the main purpose of SAP Fieldglass?

sap fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass a long-standing pioneer in global talent management and services procurement, is used by companies around the world to find, engage and handle all sorts of versatile tools. Its cloud-based solution helps companies transform how work gets done, increase operational agility and accelerate business outcomes in the digital economy. It became a leader in …

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