How to Understand EDI: A blog around the fundamental principles of EDI

EDI is a digital method of transferring business documents. Using electronic data interchange reduces costs by reducing paperwork, speeding up processes, and improving customer satisfaction. In this blog, we cover the basic fundamental principles of electronic data interchange. This is a standardized, universal, and open format of data exchange. It is used in many industries …

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SAP IDOC Configuration: Inbound and Outbound Integration Made Simple

We’re going to try to explain Idoc configuration in sap today. This blog explains the inbound and outbound configuration of Idoc with simple steps.EDI messages can be easily integrated with SAP IDoc and BAPI. There are only a few steps needed to integrate the EDI into SAP. Below is a step-by-step description of the configuration …

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We often come across the terminology ALE, EDI & IDOC in various project. This tutorial will cover some of the basic concepts of Electronic Data Interchange(EDI), Application Link Enabling(ALE) & intermediate documents (IDOC). Today, ALE, EDI IDocs are used in most SAP applications to transfer messages (information) from the SAP system to other systems and …

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